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The truth is, the creative journey is not about making art. It is about clearing the way to knowing yourself and living your own authentic life. The path is about self-acceptance and doing the things that make you truly happy. If you pay attention, you will find your voice and move beyond the shadow of ‘I should’ and ‘I would’ to embrace ‘I want.’ While there is no real formula, creativity is a daily practice of curiosity and pushing yourself to go a little further towards knowing thyself.

This exercise is adapted from one that Robin Grigg-Woods shares with her mentees as part of a series of challenges for artists and photographers, geared towards embracing their artist selves.

Things I Know About Myself…

  • Since 20 or more years ago.
  • Since 10 years ago.
  • Since 5 years ago.
  • Since 1 year ago.

Start at any period you like, write as much or as little as you want. Date the exercise and put it away. Pick it up and repeat anytime you like.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” Ramana Maharshi

As artists, we are constantly looking to find our authentic voices, so that the art we bring to the world expresses who we uniquely are. In a sense, art is a map that shows becoming, and mirror that helps us know ourselves.

Here are some other ways to Know Thyself:

Know Yourself | The Every Day Artist

About the image:
The portrait was hand drawn in Procreate from an old photo of myself. They symbols forming the circle are vector symbols of Egyptian Hieroglyphs, astrological glyphs and the Urdu alphabet. These are three elements that tell a story about who I am.

Procreate, Illustrator and Photoshop was used to create this image.


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  1. I love how open and reflective you are in this post. Beautifully done, Jamuna! Doing what is right for YOU is certainly key – it helps us become fulfilled. And, I am envious of your ability to learn languages!

  2. This fabulous Jamuna! Getting to know you even more! Wonderful list and YES for doing what is good for you and let the others with their own lives!

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