Art in a Matchbox

Art in a Matchbox

I came across a photo where someone had taken a bunch of matchboxes and used them as little canvases to make art. I loved the idea and set about exploring the art form for myself.

This was a departure for me, as art, until now, has been strictly digital. So picking up small boxes and giving each one its own expression has been a wonderfully tactile experience. Working with something as tiny as a matchbox has been meditative in the sense that focus and steadiness are required. Doing something new brought a sense of exploration and experimentation – and a reckless disregard that comes with permission to fail.

The feature photo at the top of this article shows several matchboxes I made. Below is a look at some individual pieces.

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Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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  1. Farhad

    Each one of these matchboxes is a work of art. There is so much life in each of them. Thank you!

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