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Art as Meditation or Meditation as Art?

I love meditating, but I don’t believe that sit-down meditation is the only true form of meditation.

When I write, and focus only on that, I can get lost in the flow. I can see myself moving the pen, writing down the ideas that come to me.

I can get lost in sit-down meditation, just like I can get lost in writing.

What do you think? What kind of art is your meditation?

Farhad Desai

Farhad is Co-Founder and Mindfulness Facilitator at Beyond Binary Consulting. He is the author of Orientation: For the Journey of a Lifetime

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  1. Farhad Desai

    That’s beautiful, Kendra! Thanks 🙂

  2. Kendra

    Being of service to, and bringing joy and beauty to another, feels like art and meditation to me. I enjoy giving gifts of beautiful images I’ve drawn or made, appreciating and cooking for loved ones, and generally bringing a spirit of love and service (I include myself! ;)) When I’m in the process, I’m focused, aligned and feel good 🙂 Thanks for asking 🙂

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