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Are You Generous?

In Seth Godin’s The Creative’s Workshop 2, the word ‘generosity’ has changed how I think about the subject.

I have always thought myself to be a generous person, but it giving some thought to the matter, I realize most of what I share is material. Actually, I am quite miserly when it comes to sharing my feelings or time or details of my life.

In the Creative Workshop, we are asked to comment generously on people’s posts. The word gave me pause, and it has taken me time to come to some type of understanding.

I am learning that generosity is an attitude. It is about showing up exactly where you are on your particular road to mastery and meeting others exactly where they are on theirs.

It is about meeting the world with thoughtful kindness.

It is not about being positive or looking at the bright side of things or giving things.

It is about being present and responding from an attitude of wholeness.

Now that I am starting to see generosity differently, I notice it in places I didn’t see before. Here are some simple everyday examples of generosity:

  • Redthreadcollection has a lifetime fit guarantee on their bespoke clothing. They will alter your garment for free if it doesn’t fit.
  • When we walk the dogs, my husband Richard picks up garbage on the street and deposits it in nearby cans.
  • A fellow traveler helps another lift a heavy bag from the baggage belt.

Do you have thoughts on the idea of ‘generosity’? Please comment.

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  1. jamuna

    Thank you so much for Chris. Some days are harder than others, and positive comments are always encouraging 🙂

  2. Chris Goldthorpe

    I’m very impressed that you are able to come up with a new blog post every day and that in and of itself feels like an act of generosity.

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