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Advice from a Mentor

I had a timely conversation with my mentor, Robin Griggs-Wood, today. I’ve been a bit stuck this week. Filled with doubt. I needed someone with a generous heart to meet me and remind me why I should keep doing what I do.

Robin said many things to me that stoked the fires of my creativity. Most importantly, she reminded me that this was about play.

She also said (this is my interpretation of her eloquent words):

‘There is a lot of negativity and doubt in the world, and what we do as artists is important because it is a sliver of positivity. If what you do affects one person for one second, consider it a win. Just keep putting work out. It will inspire others and circle back to you’.

Just as it did today.

Thanks Robin.

My image today is a play on geometric shapes that I have been obsessed with lately.

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  1. Patricia

    Nothing better than having a soul that understands well and deep what lies underneath or innermost of an artist life.

  2. jamuna

    It is indeed Lydia. I feel fortunate there are people I can reach out to. I certainly count you as one of them 🙂

  3. Lydia

    It’s nice to know someone has your back 🙂

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