365 Days is my personal practice of putting out words and images. My goal is to do a post a day for a year. In that time, I hope to transform myself and my art.

Summer Garden

I am of sweating summer and toiling gardener. Of cherished homes and prized tables.I am of dulling colors and falling petals. Of fading beauty and gained wisdom.I live in the…

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Cup or Faces

When we look at an image, our eyes search for something to focus on. When we see, we focus on one detail. In the image featured, there is a cup…

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Brave Night

Luminous night eternally bright,healing pool to cool the fight.Shadowy ground, unknown depths,brave hearts dive to meet themselves.

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Kronos and Kairos

As I travel towards the inevitable end,Kronos conducts the song, sowing the hymn of destiny from the notes of history gone. Ah! the moment of freeform!Playful Kairos arrives.Soon it will…

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