Sound Came First

I watched Paolo Angeli play his 'guitar' in his one-man band at a Tiny Desk Concert and understood that in the beginning, Sound came before Music.When Paolo was pushing his…

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Promise of Spring
Close-up of Gerbera Flower.

Promise of Spring

This frigid January day, blocks the sun that rose at Solstice. Spring's promise is not far away. It will bring respite from ice and sickness. The days are growing longer,…

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An Artist Date

Lately, my head has been filled with doubts and circular thoughts. So, today, I took myself on a long-overdue Artist Date. I walked along the coast, stopping to watch surf…

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Art-ificial Intelligence
AI-generated "Portrait of Edmond Belamy" sold for $432,500

Art-ificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next Moon Landing. Only it isn't a singular event that the world watches unfold. It has already happened subtly in the background, but not slowly. We…

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Chop Wood, Carry Water

Layman Pang, a Buddhist who lived over a thousand years ago, is credited with the modern saying, 'Chop wood and carry water.' It has been translated into English in different…

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Kim LeClair loves words. In her emails she strings words in beautiful ways that speak to the humanness in you and me. Yesterday, her words touched me deeply. I…

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Washing Dishes

Practicing mindfulness is a way to slow the pace of life down and feel grounded and present in everyday moments. I love the ritual of sitting down with Tibetan singing…

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