What Gets In Your Way?
The studio of artist Lydia Knox.

What Gets In Your Way?

Art is the expression of a life lived. It holds the thoughts and actions of the artist. Whether the viewer sees it or not, art holds the artist's hidden truths.…

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The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a design ratio that structures the nature of form. It is a mathematical sequence that frequently appears in nature and is found in art and design.…

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Feeling Fatigued?

I read in one of those top 10 lists that are so successful at getting traffic to a page that a good way to deal with fatigue is to exercise! …

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Life of a Wave – Wabi Sabi

Wabi-Sabi speaks of the impermanence of things. It points to the natural world in the purest of forms. In his book 'Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers', Leonard Karen…

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The Value of Art

We assess art when we look at it. How does it make us feel? Are we familiar with it? Do we like it? Do we understand the artist’s point of…

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The Art of Walking

When building artistic skills, it is helpful to understand how to walk. In his book ‘Create,’ Marc Silber, photographer, author, and mountaineer, talks about teaching mountaineering. He says you don’t…

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